A Brief History

Consecrated on March 5th 1896, THe Church of the Annunciation was originally located on the northwest corner of Brook Street abnd Havelock Street.  It was moved to High Street in May 1955.  The church was later destroyed by arson in 2002.

Following the fire of the Church of the Annunciation, the church hall was adapted with new kitchen and toilets, and a front entrance was created allowing this to become a multi-purpose building used for church on Sunday and other activities through the week.

Wairau Valley Church of the Good Shepherd opened on October 4th 1958.  The previous church on this site was opened August 4th 1861.  This wooden building was demolished due to borer and rot in 1958 once the new church had opened.  This site is the oldest Anglican church in Marlborough.

History of the Church of the Annunciation - short

History of the Church of the Annunciation - extended

History of the Good Shepherd