Sponsor a Tree

Would you like to take part in the 2020 Renwick Christmas Tree Festival?  

We need businesses and community groups to sponsor trees and help make this a success. 

What do we mean by sponsor?  Simply for your group or business to look after one tree in the festival including all the decorating, design and lighting.

Join with us and let your Christmas creativity bring joy to our community. 

What You Need to know:


Trees can be provided by your group at no cost OR you can order a pine tree through us:

Pine Trees ordered through us will be $10.00 each and will come in a tree stand ready for you to decorate.  These will be available to you on decorating days of Thursday 10th and Friday 11th December.

Thanks to the support of Marlborough District Council and the Creative Communities Scheme we are able to keep this cost at a minimum.

If you choose to provide your own tree it should not exceed 2.5m in height.  Trees may be artificial, natural or of a creative nature.


All decorations and lights are to be provided by your group or business.  

Decorations may reflect your group in some way or be completely Christmas themed – be as creative as you like.  The hall will be dark to allow the full effect of lights on trees, it also means that trees require lighting to stand out.  Each tree will have a label naming the group or business that has decorated the tree.  You may also like to include your group/business logo at the base of the tree or within the decorations. 

Electrical power is provided throughout the hall, however a short electrical extension lead may be required (these should be named).

Set Up:

The Anglican church hall will be available at the following times for decorating and setup:

     Wednesday 9th December from 1pm – 7pm. 

     Thursday 10th December from 1pm - 7pm

     Friday 11th December from 1pm - 7pm

All trees are to be completed by 7pm on Friday 11th.


Clean Up:

The church hall will be open on Sunday 27th from 1pm & Tuesday 29th from 10am-7pm for the collection of all trees and decorations.    

Please talk to us if you require alternative arrangements as this can be organised.


If you have any questions or would like more information please contact:

    Joe Keighley

    Phone: 5728850

    Email: office@wairauanglican.org.nz