What is it?  

40 Days of Blessing is a journey through Lent taking time and being intentional about DAILY blessing others.  As you take part you will be inspired and blessed yourself as you find that it is easy to be a blessing. The daily challenges are provided as a guide, however, by no means are these intended to limit or restrict you.  Instead make 40 Days of Blessing work for you and your family by listening to the Spirit and finding your own way of being a daily blessing to others.

Who is it for?

Everyone is able to be a blessing and you are encouraged to do this in your own unique way.  The 40 Blessing calendar is designed to be used be either individuals, a home group or as a family - though you may need to adapt slightly as you go.  

What do I Need?

Depending on how you decide to Bless people, you may not need anything.  However there are opportunities for you to give, to be creative, to cook and bake.  There is no expectation that this need to cost you - though a little bit of time will be required.

Some of the suggested Blessings require the 'Take a Compliment' poster or the 'Praying for you' cards - these are avialable in the church foyer or for download on this page.  Alternatively, you may like to make your own.

Got some stories and ideas?

Feel free to add some suggestions on how we can bless people or share some stories of success in the chat below.


Everything you need to get started